Space Haven Manager

Space Haven Manager: a lightweight webapp to manager ressources and trading prices for the game Space Haven.

Picture of the game Space haven with the addition of the text "Space Haven Manager"
Space Haven Manager

Space Haven is a RimWorld inspired spaceship colony sim, you can find it on steam here. While the main goal is to explore the space and gather ressources, trading is also a valuable feature in the game to progress the game.

With Space Haven Manager, I built a small webapp that allows you to manage trading prices. It turns out to be helpful to estimate costs for a new spaceship, for example, or to just get a feeling how good a deal from a trader actually is.

image of two examples from the interface of space haven manager
the interface of Space Haven Manager

From a technical perspective, AlpineJS is used as a thin layer around events and state management. For persistance, I'm using the Local Storage API. Testing is done via playwright and some automatic accessibility checks are done via axe-core. The tests are run on every push to the repository via GitHub Actions, this ensures consistent quality.

You can try it out and find the manager here: