Testing Markdown with Ghost

Ghost, Markdown and Android :-)

Testing Markdown with Ghost


While most people don't care about proper structuring of their articles (or even documentations) Markdown makes it super easy to do so. Even the Ghost Android app (the content-management-system this blog runs on) supports markdown and proper preview of an article.

Getting Started

Check out this markdown page for a quick introduction into markdown.

If you don't want to wait, fire up a markdown cheat sheet and some online markdown editor to try markdown out.

The Syntax

The syntax of markdown is fairly easy, just look above on the official page or the cheat sheet. The goal of markdown is to give you an easy way of writing text, but also make it readable as itself.

So, what now?

Use markdown in your personal projects for documentation e.g. README.md with better structure than a plain text file. You can also generate static pages with markdown (I might write another article about that).

Hope you like it x Fred